We value travel as an interactive boost between man and his environment, to admire the original beauty of a city and the cultural depths of a country.

Shichihai Shadow Art Performance Hotel hold a cultural conviction that we believe the true cultural beauty of chinese heritage should be preserved and we found a modern way for the world to appreciate the true beauty again.

Bustling lives mask us from the beauty of nature. Through travels, we refresh our senses about culture and nature. We strive to inject life and cultural forces into our tourist sites.

This is the first stop of your cultural expedition; the next one is to explore nature and the Beijing old city from Shichahai for new pulses.

We are situated in the dragon pulse of Beijing, the most sacred site of Fengshui.

Shadow Art Performace Hotel is located in the hutong district of Houhai. Here, its design brings you to a lakeside, over the waterfront, into hutongs, and this dwelling in a city district with waterscape and nature puts us back on the path to nature and reshape our heart to value respect and tranquility that go for natural environment and culture.

Here is the debut of this “cultural themed boutique hotel.”

Here, our design is a breakthrough from mere repetitions of historical customs and a brainchild of modern trendy style fused with the almost lost tradition of shadow art.

Here, the installation of shadow art theater and a small library are one integrated theme, and on this platform we build our cultural gallery.

Here, you penetrate into the origins and depths of Chinese cultural richness, as you zoom into the duality of culture and art.

Through this cultural sanctuary near the waterfront, we envision to pass down our culture for the next five thousand years.

– Forms are created through leather cuttings, and shadow puppetry is born through light. –


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