Our story…

A cultural conviction

Shichahai Shadow Art Performance Hotel values travel as an interactive boost between man and his environment, to admire the original beauty of a city and the cultural depths of a country. Holding this believe, the hotel came up with something that haven’t been done before in China: An opera-house structured exquisite accommodation.  The installation of Chinese shadow art theater and a small library are one integrated theme, and on this platform the hotel builds its unique cultural gallery. Chinese Shadow Puppetry is an ancient form of storytelling and entertainment using opaque,  this kind of art origins from China and spread out to middle East and Europe in 17th century. Nowadays, shadow art is gradually losing in China since the modern bustling lives mask people from the beauty of culture. Shichahai Shadow Art Performance Hotel is now trying to protect this endangered intangible cultural heritage  by putting this element into the hotel design, yet the design is a breakthrough from mere repetitions of historical customs and a brainchild of modern trendy style fused with the almost lost tradition of shadow art. It is the debut of “cultural themed boutique hotel.”

The dragon pulse of Beijing, the most sacred site of Fengshui.

The hotel is nestled in the old Hutong (Alley) of the capital city, just steps from the  Mansion of Prince Gong and Houhai. The hotel arranges the Beijing traditional rickshaw to take you to the destination passing through the imperial lake, Shichahai, and the Beijing Hutongs. Let the spring breeze brush through your hair, watching the light green willow branches swept the lake surface, smell the air that is sweetened by Chinese cherry blossoms, and finally reaching the hidden gem in the hutong, a cultural sanctuary near the waterfront. As to its name, Shichahai Shadow Art Performance Hotel offers you an exclusive experience to getting close to the Chinese shadow art play, the Shadow art show is being performed by well-experienced shadow puppetry artist at night after your nice dining in town. You also get to see the back scene of the stage of this art, play with the shadow puppetry, let the artist show you how the earliest form of Chinese movie works.

Shichahai Shadow Art Performance Hotel  encourages you to be a traveller rather than a tourist. It is located in the hutong district of Houhai. You can get up early and having a pleasant jog along the imperial lake of Beijing, or you can rent a bicycle just searching out the hidden treasures of Beijing by yourself, as well as the grand historical sites nearby, walking down the alley where normal Beijiingers live and work itself is an interesting experience. You won’t be disappointed. Shichahai Shadow Art Performance Hotel brings you to a lakeside, over the waterfront, into hutongs, and this dwelling in a city district with waterscape and nature puts us back on the path to nature and reshape our heart to value respect and tranquility that go for natural environment and culture.